Science has changed the life of man. Railways, aero-planes, ships, radio, television, all we owe to Science. From morning till evening we can do nothing without the aid of science.

In medicine and surgery science has made great progress. Most of the diseases cannot be cured and operation performed painlessly with the help of science.

Ill the Arabian Nights often we read of strange wonders Science has made these wonders practicable. It has reduced distances, improved means of communications and added to the means of recreation for man in every walk of life.

In our daily life we depend on science so much that we cannot imagine our existence without it. Science has provided man with a large number of amenities. One of the greatest inventions being electricity, we cannot live without it.


It warms our houses in winter and cools them in summer. It cooks our food. It washes our clothes and drives heavy machines to produce goods of luxury. Radio, telephone, television all are the offshoot of electricity.

In the field of medicine, science has made tremendous progress and increased the span of human life. With the help of X-ray, presence of fatal diseases in human body in detected in time and lives saved. Similarly contagious diseases can be prevented from spreading with the help of science.

But science is not an unmixed blessing. It has also a painful side. As a writer said, “Science has improved the circumstances of man but not the man himself.” We are making beautiful buildings for men but we are not making magnificent men for the beautiful buildings.

The inventions of science which make life easy can be turned into the harbingers of death and destruction. But then science as such is not to blame for this. The fault lies with the scientists rather than with science. If they never use science for destroying mankind, only then science would become the greatest boon to mankind.


Science as such, plays a very important part in the day-to-day life of man. We may cry against it, as we may, nevertheless we cannot do without it for a moment.