Time is very precious. It is the most valuable thing in this world. Once it is lost, it is lost forever and can never be regained. Our success or failure in life depends on the right use of time. A student who makes good use of his time will have no difficulty in passing an exam.

One who has wasted his time, and not studied, will not be able to pass in spite of being clever. In an office, a worker who makes full use of his time to do good work, will be much appreciated. He will receive promotions. Idle employees, who just waste time will receive no promotions. They cannot come up in life. So our success or failure depends on the right use of time.

People have become famous and rich by making good use of time. Research workers and scientists use their time to improve the lot of human beings. By making proper use of their time, they become famous. So also merchants and professionals, who work hard, make a lot of money. They know how to make good use of their time.

Knowing how precious time is we should never waste time, but make good use of it.