The elephant is perhaps the strongest and biggest animal on earth. It is very intelligent and obedient. It can be trained and used for various purposes. It has four pillar like heavy and large legs. It has two large ears like big fans, a long trunk and a short tail with a tuft of hair at the end. Its eyes are small. The male elephant has two long teeth called tusks. It is generally dark in colour.

The elephant eats grass, leaves and stem of banana trees or small soft plants, grass, nuts, fruits, etc. It lives for about one hundred and twenty years. It is generally found in thick jungles of Assam, Tripura, Mysore, etc. in India, and also found in bigger sizes in African woods. Some of the elephants are seen to be white in colour in Burma.

The elephant is an intelligent animal. It is trained and used in war, hunting, circus, zoo and also as a transporter of men and goods. It is also used in the woods for pulling heavy logs of timber from one place to another by its strength of the tusk. Children enjoy elephant ride also.

The camel is a large animal. It has four long and slender legs, a small head, a long neck and a large stomach. It can store large quantity of water in its stomach for use in near future. It has a hump on its back. It lives on herbs. But when hungry, it can eat anything it finds near at hand-bones, skin, fish, even a blanket.