Books are best friends of all. Reading is a good hobby. I spend my pocket money on books. They keep me good company. They give a lot of new information and knowledge. They also give us a message.

I have many books. I like short stories, plays and novels. Recently my uncle presented a book ‘Mahabharat’ by C. Rajgopalachari to me. It looked like a book having many stories of braveries, sacrifices and full of excitements. It also illustrated the meanness and high conduct of the people of those times. The clashes between the noble conduct of the Pandavas and vile behaviour of the Kauravas led by wicked Duryodhan resulted in this Great War. Ultimately the war was won by the Pandavas.

This book taught me that howsoever powerful is the evil forces; they are always vanquished by the good. While reading this book, I had developed some mental images of the events depicted in the book.

When I saw this great epic war depicted on the TV by means of a serial, I was thrilled. I enjoyed reading the book more after seeing the serial. Since then it has become my most favourite book. It is so much full of wisdom and varied information about the human behaviour that it has become my life long companion.


This important part of this great epic of Muni Ved Vyas is “Srimadbhagwat Gita”. In this chapter, Lord Krishna gave the message of “Karma” to Arjun. This chapter is full of philosophy and mysteries of Life.