Accidents are a corrimon sight in big cities. Most of the accidents occur because of the rash and careless driving. The drivers do not follow the traffic-rules carefully. Sometimes they drive too fast. Accidents cause a lot of suffering and loss of life. Every year over 4000 persons die on Delhi roads.

One day, I was travelling with my brother on a scooter. There was a great rush it being the peak hour of traffic. There I saw an accident. A motorist behind us was driving very fast. A bus was coming from other side. Then I saw a small boy wanting to cross the road. For saving the child the bus ran into the motor car.

Soon a large crowd gathered there. Some of them tried to help the motorist. His head had struck against the ground. He became unconscious. Immediately a policeman appeared on the scene. There was a doctor’s clinic nearby. He ensured that first aid was given to the injured and later he was rushed to the hospital.

The motor-driver died next morning. It was a great loss to that family. Traffic rules should be followed strictly and we should follow our lane while on the road. The children should be given traffic rules education at school level. We should be careful while walking along the road.