The reptile is a member of the creeping class of cold-blooded animals with a backbone and relatively short legs or no legs at all. Snakes, crocodiles, lizards, tortoises etc. fall in the category of reptiles.

A reptile crawls or moves on its belly or on short legs. The snakes move on the belly, while a lizard on short legs. Its body is usually covered with scales and bony plates. A reptile eats small animals like fishes, frogs, etc. Some of the reptiles are extremely poisonous. For example, a snake which resembles a rope, and which can be one foot to ten or twelve feet long is very dangerous. Its poison can take a human life. Its head is small, with two small bright open eyes.

It has no ears. It has two sets of teeth which are curved like hooks. It has also two hollow teeth called fangs. When it bites anyone, it drives its fangs into the body, and poison enters the wound, and it works quickly.

The tongue of the snake is divided in the middle. It makes a hissing sound. Some of the snakes have hoods. The crocodile lives in the canals and rivers. Its jaws are broad enough to swallow a human being. It is a very ferocious and a cunning killer of its prey.

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