Twenty-first of Novembers is the day when my school celebrates its annual day. But the preparations begin almost two to three weeks in advance with lots of rehearsals. The whole school becomes suddenly much more active. Since the weather also becomes pleasant, our enjoyment increases tremendously.

Last year’s annual day was “more memorable for me because I also participated in the play “The Bishop’s Candlesticks.”

The function began at 5 p.m. as per schedule. First of all our Principal welcomed the Chief Guest, Minister for Sports and Youths, Government of India, and detailed our school’s achievements in studies and other activities. Then the Chief Guest gave a short but very hilarious speech full of anecdotes of his own school life.

The programmes began with “Saraswati Vandana”, sung by the choirof our school. It was followed by a short skit and then was presented the play I was acting in. Although I had butterflies in my stomach when I made entry on the stage, I did my role well. I was awarded for it also. Afterwards there were some musical programmes and the celebrations closed with our National Anthem ‘Jan Gana Man’. It was a well organized show and my parents also admired it. I cannot forget it.

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