Post offices are located in every town, village and city. In a big town or city, there are many post offices and their branches. But in a small village, there is one post office only.

It is a very useful department for the public. Post offices carry our messages to distant places. The charges are not very high. We may keep in touch with our friends and relatives through post offices.

We put our letters in the letter boxes and our letters reach our friends and relatives. There are a number of windows in the post office. We can send registered letters, parcels and money-orders. We can also get post cards, inland letters and envelopes at these windows.

The Post office also distributes mail. The postmen deliver the letters in the homes of the addressees or at business places.


The staff of the post office works day in and day out. We must admire their hard work. Post offices are very useful to the citizens. Without a post office, life would become dull.