171 Words Short Essay for kids on Dashera


India is a land of many, cultures and traditions. One of its very famous festivals, is the festival of Dashehra or Vijaya Dashami. It is celebrated by the whole of Hindu community.

Dashehra is celebrated on the 25th day of the Kwar month by the Hindi calendar. It signifies the victory of good over evil. Historically, it was the day when Lord Rama killed Ravana. Rama stood vic­torious as a symbol of peace and har­mony against the evil spirits.On Dashehra morning, a pujan is organised. In which all the family members pray that may the good win over the evil and that truth may prevail at all times.

In some places, huge effigies of Ravana, Kumbhakaran and Meghan are burnt with lighting of crackers. In some parts of India decorative proces­sions are taken out displaying various scenes over Ramayana, the holy epic.


My birthday falls on 25th March. Every year we used to have examina­tions going on during that time. But last year I was free as my examina­tions finished early.

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