160 Words Essay on a Holiday for kids (free to read)


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” is a very famous proverb. It is truly applicable to today’s world where people work harder and harder to acquire more and more money to improve their standard of living.

At this stage, a holiday becomes very important to a working man or even to a hard working student. On getting a holiday after a tiresome period of hard work, a person feels as if he is released from a jail and feels carefree.

A holiday brings a change in the routine of a person. It gives him freshness and he becomes free of all his worries.


But a holiday should not be wasted on only play and no work. It should give happiness and comfort. It should also bring a hope and excitement for future work ahead.

There are so many religions in our country. A large part of India’s population consists of Christians whose main festival is Christmas.

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