159 Words Short Paragraph for kids on My Table


I have my own study table at home in my room. It is 30 inches in height, 42 inches in length and its width is 30 inches. It is made of wood and has three drawers on the right.I keep my study table very neatly arranged. I do not pill things on told On the wall, near the table, I have a book rack. I stack my school book and my story books. A thin glass slab is placed on my table. I keep my time table, a calendar and some photographs under that glass. On my table at the left side keep two pen-stands, one geometry box and my pencil box also. I keep my rough books, papers & drawing cooks at the side. My colours and crayons, etc. are placed at the top along with paint brushes.In the drawers I keep important papers, letter pads and my stamp collections. I love my table very much.

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