Perseverance is a quality to pursue steadfastly in something which is difficult or tedious. This quality can be developed by regular practice. A person having the quality of perseverance can attain success in life.

Failure may discourage a person, but trying again and again to succeed will one day bring him success. Perseverance is the secret of success. Even if a person is not very much talented or just fairly knowledgeable, he can still achieve his goal by his perseverance. Hard labour, with a determination of mind, has no alternative.

It can be seen from the lives of many great men of the world that their perseverance brings about their success in life. Lofty monuments, royal palaces, cities or harbors are not built in a day. It is a prolonged and continuous effort that made all such projects successful. So a person, who is fearless and enthusiastic and ready to work hard, is sure to win in life.