After India was free from British rule on 15th August , 1947, it adopted its own national flag. Our national flag consists of three colours. They are saffron, white and green. In the centre of white band there is an “Ashoka Chakra”. It has 24 spokes. Our flag is the symbol of our pride, freedom and unity among our people.

Saffron colour stands for sacrifice, white colour for peace and green for production. The chakra shows the vic­tory of honesty and justice. Our na­tional flag teaches us that we should believe in truth, sacrifice and unity.

Our national flag is hoisted by our Prime Minister on 15th August every year. Our President hoists the flag on 26th January every year. Both of them hoist it on Red Fort and after hoisting they address the people of India.

Our national flag is very dear to us. We can also sacrifice our lives for it.