152 Words Short Essay on the Postman for kids


The postman is a public servant He is very useful to society He delivers mail, money orders, invitations and parcels to us.

He wears a khaki uniform. He car­ries a bag across his shoulder. He keeps all the letters and parcels inside it. He can read English, Hindi, etc.

He gets up very early in the morn­ing. At first he goes to the post-office. After collecting letters from there he delivers those letters to us.


He goes door to door and delivers the mail. He brings happy news as well as sad news. He undertakes daily two rounds in his area. Whether it rains or it is very hot, he does the work regularly and he is very punctual. Everyday we wait for him. He brings news of our relatives and friends.

He is honest. His work is very hard. We should be thankful to him for working so hard for us.

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