A short biography of the great scholar Socrates


Socrates was a great scholar and popular teacher. He was born near Athens (the capital of Greece). He was a scholar and popular teacher. He was an honest man and was against blind faith in various gods. He always spoke against the superstitions.

Socrates had great love for truth. He asked the people not to accept anything blindly. Socrates gave up his life for the sake of truth. Socrates did not spare anyone in his search for truth. He kept on speaking boldly and frankly. He believed in thinking and reasoning. His methods annoyed the ruling class and made them nervous. He was put on trial. Socrates was accused of misguiding the youth and of being disrespectful towards the gods. He was told to renounce his beliefs or face death. Socrates refused to give up his beliefs. He valued truth more than his life. He accepted the death sentence.

Socrates spent his last days in prison. He had discussions with his friends about the life of the soul after death. He calmly drank the cup of poison. He died and became immortal. He was about 70 years old at that time. People of Greece and many other countries were inspired by his methods of reasoning and honesty. Plato carried on with his ideas after death.

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