Short Biography of Narayan Malhar Joshi


Narayan Malhar Joshi (1875-1955) was born in Kolaba district of Maharashtra in 1875 and was educated at Poona and Bombay. In 1909, he joined Servants of India Society and took up the cause of labour.

He was instrumental in the founding of the Social Service League in 1911 for improving the condition of the common masses. He was also associated with several Iabour organisations and in 1921 he joined the All India Trace Union Congress.

In 1931, N.M. Joshi broke away from the AlTUC and formed the All India Trade Union Federation. He remained a member of the Central Assembly for 26 years. He was also a member of the Governing Body, ILO. N. M. Joshi was responsible for several enactments on labour welfare. He also advocated the setting up of dispensaries, industrial training schools and cooperative societies. In 1947, he became a member of the Central Pay Commission. He passed away in 1955.

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