Jimi Manuwa was born in England. He is a professional Mixed Martial artist that fights in the division of light Heavyweight. Currently, he’s signed to BAMMA.

Jimi’s early life was a troubled one. During his youth days he was expelled from his school, got involved in many brutal fights a lot of times, and was banned from the Croydon nightclubs. There was a certain time he was imprisoned because of his part in a burglary. However, this 28 year old fight believes and maintains that he’s a transformed character and he’s keen to eradicate wayward young folks off the streets. He believes that he could get them into an MMA class where they could learn discipline as well as release energy. When he became ten years old he left Nigeria for England and said he has always been angry and frustrated since he was little. He once told an Advertiser that you have lots of energy as well as anger inside of you but you can’t figure out why and he believes there are lots of young people like that. He said there were a lot of people that he hung out with that were that way. He went on saying that these young people just desired money and stuffs but instead of working they just wanted it very fast. He said he used to steal from commercial properties, took many computers and lots of stuffs. He said when he was young he got himself into many fights and was even banned from the Croydon nightclubs. He lamented that he felt bad for ever putting his family through those events.

In 2002 Jimi was imprisoned for conspiracy to robbery and was released in 2003. He decided to start fighting when he saw his best pal in a cage fight and made up his mind to start training.

Jimi (6feet and 205lb) quickly built a solid reputation as a brutal fighter in cage fighting after he won his first few fight and also winning series of tournaments. Right now he wants to train young people in the game, which requires the participants to train in Mixed Martial art and then fight it out in ring. He said he is very inspired to offer youngsters something he lacked when they were his age.


Manuwa’s Mixed Martial Arts Profession

Jimi started practicing Mixed Martial arts after a weight lifting wound where he cracked a chest muscle while he was bench pressing. This happened in 2007. Currently he trains with Alan Keddle in the Keddles Gym together with Dino Miringou. Also with Ricardo Da Silva at the Nova Forca BJJ.

Since December 2011, Jimi has been undefeated and has won 11 fights without any lost. He has victoriously defended his title five times and has a record of been the champion that has accomplished this task in the business both past and present. He has been wrestling for Ultimate Challenge MMA and became the promotion’s champ in his third fight under them.

He notably turned down an offer from Ultimate Fighting Championship because he felt that it was not the right time in his profession to accept it.