Short biography of Ismail Nizam Shah-II (A.D. 1589—A.D. 1591)


Mirza Khan’s arrest of Husain was resented by the Deccani nobles who all joined hands under the leadership of Jamal Khan Mahdavi. Mirza Khan meanwhile put Husain to death which precipitated the crisis. Jamal Khan forcibly took over the administration, captured and killed Mirza Khan.

A number of New Comers also met the same fate. But this did not ease the situation. Jamal Khan belonged to mahdavi sect and introduced his creed. He persecuted all those who did not follow it.

The rivalry between the Deccanis and the New Comers and the introduction of mahdavi faith in place of shiaism further deteriorated the situation. The New Comers tried to bring about the fall of Jamal Khan with the help of Ibrahim Adil Shah II. But they failed and many of them were put to death.


This state of affairs gave an opportunity to Mughal Enjiperor Akbar to assert his authority in Deccan. He espoused the cause of Burhan, father of Ismail, and sent him with a large army under Mirza Aziz Koka and Raja Ali Khan.

Ibrahim Adil Shah also joined them. Jamal Khan was defeated by the Mughal forces and killed on 27 April, 1591. According to another version, Burhan did not accept the help of the Mughal Emperor Akbar which would have been resented by Deccanis.

He secured the help of Raja Ali Khan, ruler of Khandesh, and Adil Shah II, king of Bijapur. Ahmadnagar was invaded by the combined forces, Jamal Khan was killed in battle, and the victorious Burhan imprisoned Ismail and ascended the throne on 15 May, 1591.

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