Short biography of the extraordinary artist : Attingal Ramachandran


Attingal Ramachandran is one of the India’s most versatile artists. His paint-belles and temples. The artist says that his paintings have become idyllic since he gave up his belief that his paintings could change the world. He feels if one sincerely wishes to alleviate the ills in society, one should work with people like Mother Teesa and Baba Amte. Ramachandran enjoys painting and has made no effort to fit into any particular global trend.

Ramachandran paints on stretchers mounted flat against the wall like a muralist. It is almost like painting on the wall itself, which he did as a boy in the small town of Attingal, Kerala.

For a long time, painting remained merely a childhood pastime. A musician, who had been selected for a performance on All India Radio, Ramachandran came across a book on Shantiniketan belonging to another artiste. “There was this photograph of ram Kinkar’s ‘Santhal family’. That one image changed my life. I decided that I wanted to sculpt and paint like Kinkarda.”


In 1957 Ramachandran left for Shantiniketan. There he worked under his chosen master, the inspiring Ram Kinkar Baij. Ramachandran was a devoted student. For a long time Ram Kinkar paid on attention to his work and then one day went so far as to break the clay mould Ramachandran had worked on diligently. When Kinkar sar that his student did not lose heart but started reworking his mould, he knew Ramachandran was a truly dedicated student.

Having left6 his childhood home a long time ago, Ramachandran has now adopted the desert country around Udaipur in Rajasthan, especially Baneshwar, as his second home. The lifestyle of people here is very different from that of metros like Delhi and Mumbai, changes have started creeping in. Ramachandran’s recent works, whether in bronze or oils or water colours, are a celebration of the beauty of Baneshwar and its people.

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