463 words short essay on advertising media


In the world of today, advertisements are the soul of business. A business would seldom flourish without advertisement. So companies cash in on huge sum for the purpose. Modern advertisement is a way of blowing one’s own trumpet.

To speak highly of one’s goods has been raised to the level of a fine art. The most successful businessman is he, who knows, the secret of effective advertisement.

The real worth of a good is of little importance; what matters is the way in which public attention has been drawn towards that medium. It is believed men do not part with money easily, but a clever advertisement does the trick. It could draw the money out from the pockets of even the most cautious and miserly customers.


The print media is the most efficient medium of advertisement, as it could reach a large number of people. It has also some lasting impact on the minds of the people. Radio, cinema, television, billboard and flashlights, etc form other spectrum of the media. Newer and newer devices are being invented for the purpose every day.

There is a great need to advertise one’s goods. In an age of commercial competition, goods could not be sold without proper advertisement. Advertisement could certainly help the public in choosing and buying the best product available in the market, if properly done. As we advance, we make new discoveries and inventions.

We bring out devices for good and comfortable living and inform people about those products. So, advertisements play important part in this respect. They bring profit to the producers and offer wide range of products for the people. But, every good thing becomes bad, when abused. So, is it with such advertisement, the system could percolate. Today, advertisements have multiplied in bewildering manner. As we open our newspapers, or switch on to our television sets, we are being flooded with advertisements galore.

The danger here is that people are misled by such advertisements and tend to buy useless and expensive items. People believe whatever comes in print or shown on TV to be true. The advertisement pushes the prices of the commodity up. The prices of most of the products would, at least, get halved, had the money spent on advertisement is being passed on to the customers.


Most of the products would, at least, be halved. So, excessive advertisement was harmful to the people. The evils of such advertisement do not mean that advertisement seldom means as completely bad. The abuse of anything does, not mean that it would be useless. We must use advertisement for letting the public know what goods were available. The motive of advertisement should be the public service, not private gain. If this motive is present, it will do well for the masses.

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