“Sometimes to work, sometimes to Play” is a right English proverb. It must be followed in life by everybody. There is another proverb, “All work and no play will make Jack a dull boy”. All play and no work is as bad as all work and no play.

Sometimes boys and girls should work and sometimes they should play. They should go to their schools and do their work very well. When they return home they should take tea or milk. Then they should go out and play. After sunset they should return home and do home-work.

At school students get a period for games. They can also play during the recess. Beyond that time they should read, write and do as told by the teachers. There is also time for play on holidays. But during holidays all time must not be spent in playing. Boys and girls should do their home-work regularly during the vacation.

The cool morning hour is the best time for playing. Many Delhi children gather outside Red Fort. They bring their bats all balls. Several pitches are made on the vast open grounds. Many teams play at the same time. Some groups play football, or volley ball. Some even play kabaddi.


Sometimes the players begin to fight among themselves. That is bad. That kills the very spirit of games. Playing is for enjoyment. It is not for beating one another. Sometimes a boy runs away with the ball. Other boys run after him. This is not the way to play a game.

The elder boys teach the younger boys the tricks of playing hockey, football, wrestling, kabaddi and other games. All of us should try to be sportsmen. A sportsman is one who enjoys the game and creates no unpleasant scene. He does not hate those who win the match. He loves them, and tries to learn the art of winning in games.

Let us all try to be sportsmen. Lord Wellington who defeated Napoleon said, “I won the battle of Waterloo on the cricket-field of Eton.” In the same way our good sportsmen will become great generals and learn to win the war against any invaders.