The Chief Justice of a High Court is appoint by the /resident of India in consultation with the Chief Justice India and the Governor of the state. Other judges of the High COURT are appointed by the President and Chief Justice of the High Court is also consulted in their appointments.


For appointment as a judge to the High Court the person :


1. Must be a citizen of India.

2. Should have been an advocate of a high court or of two such courts in succession for at least 10 years.


A judge of the High Court holds office till the age of 62 years. His term can be cut short due to resignation or removal by the President.



The Chief Justice of a High Court gets Rs. 30,000 as monthly salary while other judges get Rs. 26,000.


The President of India can remove a judge of the High Court only if the Parliament passes a resolution by a two third majority of its members present and voting in each house, request him to remove a judge.



The high courts have powers of superintendence over all courts and tribunals within their jurisdiction. Every high court has the power to issue to any person or authority and government within its jurisdiction directions, orders or writs for the enforcement of the Fundamental Rights and for any other purpose.