List of six sample paragraphs for middle school students


List of six sample paragraphs for middle school students: 1. Knowledge is Power, 2. A False Friend, 3. My Experiences on a Hot Summer Day, 3. My Experiences on a Hot Summer Day, 4. A Frightening Experience.

1. Knowledge is Power

Man has an inherent desire for power. It is a tendency in him to control and dominate others. Broadly speaking, this power is of two kinds. One is related to his physical strength while the other is related to his mental capability. Physical power is of lower order in comparison to mental power. In the primitive age it was the physical strength which was considered important. But with the growth of civilisation and the development of human mind, mental power gained wide recognition as superior. Mental power comes from knowledge. Gradually man developed an urge for knowledge. The more the knowledge the more strongly he grew. In course of time his knowledge achieved wonders in the world and helped him gain mastery of many things. All the discoveries and inventions of modern society are the manifestations of power of knowledge. It is the power of knowledge which has reduced the time, space and distance and made the world smaller. Power of knowledge has made our life easier and comfortable. No man is born great; it is the ideas that make him great. It is the man’s perpetual quest for wisdom combined with the hunger of power to rule and dominate that resulted in great inventions and discoveries. But some vices are also associated with it. Great as it is the power of knowledge, the tendency to misuse is greater. Knowledge which brings powers also instills in man a sense of pride which takes away its real blessings. It tends to intoxicate human mind. We should gain more and more knowledge but should be very rational and considerate in our use of power. That power should be utilised in the larger benefit of society.

2. A False Friend

This world is full of people of different kinds. Some are sincere and passionate in their dealings and relationship, but many pretend to be sincere so long as they have some purpose to serve. As soon as their purpose is served they change their attitude. They behave like friends but they are not friends. They are with you so long as there is scope for enjoyment. The moment you are in trouble, the moment you are in need, they will turn their back upon you. They are the false friends. True friends are people who will always stand by you through thick and thin. They are always ready to help. They may go to any extent to help their friend. A false friend is mean and selfish. He will show his care, love and concern for you so long as his interest is fulfilled. He will always admire and flatter you. He is never constant in his dealing. He will apparently show an enthusiastic interest in you, but he will soon feel tired of you when he finds no scope for any gain in this relationship. Such a man is changeable in nature. He should be avoided. Friendship with man is not good. He can never be trusted. If we commit the mistake of trusting him and confide any of our secrets in him, he will take it as a golden °PP0rtunity. He will exploit those secrets to gain profit for himself at the cost of others. So we should be very cautious in our choice of friends.

3. My Experiences on a Hot Summer Day

It was the 22nd of June, perhaps the hottest day of the summer when the temperature had soared to 44 degree. The sun was shining brightly from the early morning. The earth was hot like a baking oven. I had to go out in the scorching heat to call in a doctor as my mother was sick. The roads were deserted. Plants and trees had withered away. Hot wind was blowing. It had added to the intensity of the heat. Life seemed to have come to a complete standstill. Animals were panting for breath. Birds were silent. Since I could not get any scooter or taxi, I had to walk on foot a distance of two kilometres. When I came back home with the doctor, I was completely shattered and exhausted. I also had fever. The doctor said that it was a case of heat stroke. I remained in bed for a week. During my illness, I often thought of the poor labourers who had to work both in winter and summer. I wondered how they managed to bear the biting cold of winter and the scorching heat of summer.

4. A Frightening Experience

My examinations were over. I took a sigh of relief. I was relieved and calm. I had no tension of getting up early. Neither did I have any tension of studying late at night. I had no worries. So I went to bed early. I was in my deep sleep- Suddenly I woke to hear the call of my parents. I jumped out of my bed and rushed downstairs. What I saw was enough to send a chill in my spine. I saw my parents tied and gagged-

Two dacoits were busy ransacking the almirahs. However, I dared to do something. I went out of the room stealthily. I went to my neighbour’s flat and rang up the police. The police was quick enough to arrive at the scene before the dacoits could walk away with the booty. They were arrested and my parents were set free. I am scared to think what would have happened if | had not woken up and dared to go out to call the police.

I still shudder at the thought.

5. A Visit to a Post Office

One day I had to go to post office to send a registered letter to my brother who is posted at Srinagar. I entered the building and saw a long queue at the counter. I stood at the tail of the queue. The weather was hot and humid. People were sweating profusely. I had a look around. There were separate counters for stamps, money orders, telegrams, savings, etc. There was no sufficient staff to manage the post office. There were long queues at each counter. The men behind the counters were actively busy in their work. Yet the queues were getting longer each moment. The longest queue was in front of the counter for withdrawing pension. It was an interesting scene outside the telephone cabin. A young man was inside for a long time perhaps. About ten persons were waiting for their turn outside. They were constantly tapping the door of the cabin. They were getting impatient. The severe weather conditions had added to their woes. I too was anxiously waiting for my turn.

6. When You Met an Old Friend

Meeting an old friend unexpectedly always gives a Pleasant surprise. It brings back to one’s mind sweet memories of early childhood and school-days. We become nostalgic. We enjoy remembering the pranks of our childhood. Only last Sunday, I had such a pleasant experience. I went to the railway station to receive my brother who was coming from Bengaluru. The train was late by half an hour. I was walk about at the platform. I saw a young man staring at me. It appeared that I had seen him somewhere. However, | could recall nothing. I abandoned the thought and continued walking. But the man was trying to recollect something. | looked at him closely. Suddenly I recollected that we were class fellows fifteen years back when my father was posted in Calcutta. He was Akshat. How much he had changed! I approached him and said hesitantly, “Akshat!” He said, “Alok!” And we embraced each other. We were very pleased at this unexpected meeting. We asked about each other’s career, families, etc. We talked a lot. We remembered our old friends and teachers. We enjoyed remembering our mischiefs about the good old days. Both of us were so changed. He was now a major in the army and I was a school teacher.

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