Here is your short essay on Environment Sanitation


Basic elements of life which surround us, like plants, water, air, soil etc., constitute environment. Life cannot exist in the absence of these elements. Environment has been defined “the sum total of all the conditions and influences that effect the development and life of organisms.”

Every living organism, including human being has its own environment. Environment comprises of Biosphere, Lithosphere, Atmosphere and Hydrosphere.

Every human being is surrounded by physical and chemical situations like space, regions, climate, local temperature, humidity, air-pressure etc., which directly or indirectly affect the health and existence of a human being. Environment is mainly a compound form of all the natural elements and living organisms; and both are essential for the future existence.


Natural or physical environment, economic, social and cultural environment depend on the natural resources we have all round us and are, sort of, controlled by these resources.

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