593 Words Sample Essay on Coeducation (free to read)


Educationists have now realised the benefits of co-education and they are consciously working to mould a society where men and women share the work in every field. The new educational institutions coming up are invariably co-educational. Co-education removes the inhibition present in the boys when they come across members of the opposite sex. If boys and girls are brought up together in schools and colleges, they can talk and exchange ideas freely without barriers and accept each other as human beings.

Men have a natural impulse to please the opposite sex. As a result, they behave and dress well. This is true of both the sexes. Men learn to be polite, gallant and courteous. Women too show admirable behaviour. In the same way boys in schools and colleges work much harder. The girls too, in order to supercede the boys devote a great deal of time in studies which they would in all probability spend otherwise, whiling away their time in idle work. Hence co-education provides the atmosphere for a healthy competition.

The end result of co-education is a more mature, a more level headed better adult. Co-education makes the girls bold and fearless. They are thus better able to face the male dominated society and can fight for their rightful place in society single-handedly. On the whole co-education is essential for a progressive society where men and women must co-operate to build a better world.

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