An Indian Juggler, also called magician, presents a common sight in Indian bazaars. Wearing a long, loose kurta with long broad sleeves, a big turban on his head and a fat bag, having a number of things on his shoulder give him a very peculiar appearance. He is usually followed by a big crowd who are eager to see his feats.

The method of the Indian juggler is full of amazing tricks. He moves his hands very cleverly at the time of giving his show. Our eyes cannot follow them. The spectators try to catch his tricks but they are easily baffled.

The juggler displays various types of tricks. One of the commonest is the throwing up of a number of brass balls high into the air, one after another and catching them all in his hand as they come down. The show does not stop here. The spectators want more and more.

The juggler in order to fulfil their desire continues his display for a long time. He plants a small mango tree in a pot. He covers it with a piece of cloth and let it in the same position for sometime. And finally when he takes off the cloth, the spectators are wondered to see that small mango tree with ripe mangoes.


There is another wonderful feat commonly known as basket trick. A young lady, who always accompanies with the juggler, gets into a basket at her master’s instruction. The masters as usual covers the basket with a piece of clotn and soon start piercing the cloth deep with a sharp dagger several times.

The spectators hold their breath to see this miraculous feat. They are sure that the boy must have been killed, if not killed must have been seriously wounded. But in reality nothing happens to him. To their utter surprise, the boy jumps out of the basket all of a sudden and bows before them in courtesy.

Sometimes a juggler takes a baby from a lady among the spectators and throws it high into the air. The poor mother cries out but the very next moment she starts smiling taking her baby in a quite good condition in her lap.

There are many more feats displayed by juggler and all the feats have thrilling effect on the spectators who try their hard to know the ways in which he performs all the tricks but remain completely unsuccessful to catch them.


Even science, which presumes to know so much and which has become so advanced nowadays, fails to provide any answer to the question, “How does a juggler perform his amazing feats?”. It is really very difficult to understand a juggler and his tricks. It is still a mystery.

But one thing is sure that he gives us immense entertainment. He does hard mental labour and tries to bind the spectators. In return he gets a very little amount with which he maintains his family. He is generally a simple man like us who earns his livelihood by dint of hard work from dawn to dusk.

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