Global warming means the rise in the mean global temperature to a level which affects the life-forms on the earth surface. The factors responsible for this warming may be both natural and man made. Warming of the globe due to natural factors is not an unusual phenomenon.

The earth’s climate is variable. For example, about 18,000 years ago, the earth was about 5°C cooler than it is today. That was the last glacial period on the earth. There after, the global temperature began to rise.

The earth is kept warm due to what is known as the green house effect. Without it the earth would be a frozen waste land. The short wave lengths or ultraviolate radiation coming from the sun penetrates the atmosphere and is absorbed by the earth. This observed energy is also radiated back to space at infra-red wave lengths. The earth atmosphere contains gases which trap some of the outgoing radiation and thereby warm the earth.

These gases are known as green house gases. Wastes vapour, carbon dioxide, methane, ozone, nitrous cxide, CFCS and halons are prominent examples to maintain the global energy balances, both the atmosphere and the surface will warm until the outgoing energy equals the incoming energy.


The increase in the quality of the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere can reinforce the greenhouse effect (increase in temperature of the earth) and lead to global warming. Carbon dioxide is the largest contributor to the global warming as it holds the largest share among the green house gases in the atmosphere. The reason behind it is natural disorder as well as man made activities.

Volcanic eruptions and forest fire are some of the natural reasons which cannot be checked. But the current global trend i.e., deforestation, along with increased combustion of fossil fuels have a cumulative effect on the net increase in carbon dioxide content. We know forests are the areas where the green leaves efficiently utilize carbon-dioxide to make their own food. Deforestation reduces this utilization of carbon dioxide.

Consumption of fossil fuels and house hold fuels gives off considerable amount of carbon dioxide. Hence, reduction in the use of fossil fuels is very necessary. Equally necessary is afforestation. It should be encouraged and we, the people, should realize its importance.

Along with reduction in the use of fossil fuels, the use o. the house hold fuels like wood coal, Kerosene should also be reduced by encouraging LPG stove and bio-gas plants. They cause less atmospheric pollution. If these methods are applied, we will have to face serious consequences such as floods, droughts, storms and extremely warm summer. Not only this, the sea level may increase due to the rise in global temperature.


We cannot control natural happenings but we can control ourselves. We can reduce the threat of the global warming to a great extent by applying the ways which have been mentioned above. We have to think as a whole to get rid of this problem.