Our country is facing an acute problem of unemployment- People are willing to work but they cannot find jobs. A result majority of them go astray. If we discuss the reason for this situation, we will find that it is our defective education system which lays too much stress on literary training and ignore technical and vocational education.

The growth in education has resulted in large number of people looking for white-colour jobs, which are not available. There is no dearth of natural resources in our country. It is our misfortune that we are still poor.

It is because we do not know how to make the best use of our natural stock. Only technical and vocational education can save us from hopelessness and depression, which is seen at all, levels. Technical and vocational education can give us expert engineers, technicians and mechanics. They are needed in large number in our country.

It has been seen that young men and women after finishing their education, find it very difficult to find a suitable employment for them. It is because all of them run after office work. They never think to do other work.


They find it more prestigious in engaging themselves in petty jobs than to start their own business. It is the fault of our education system. Hence it is essential to provide young men and women with educational as well as vocational guidance. This will help them choose a profession in accordance with their capability and attitude. This will also help in uprooting the problem of unemployment.

If, during education period, our young men and women are taught to do so many things with their own hands, many of them will not run after petty jobs. They will start their own business and what is more, they will give employment to many others.

There is need of efficient and skilled workers in all vocations. Hence vocational and technical training is very important. It is the age of large scale industries. It is very difficult to achieve progress in the industrial field without a sufficient number of technically trained hands. Hence, young men must be given technical education, so that they may contribute their best in the desired development of our country.

Our government has done a great deal in establishing technical and vocational institutions throughout the country. . “Ere is a network of Medical colleges. Industrial Training mstitutes are also there. The government also encourages small scale industries. They can* be set up faster than large industries and help to provide employment for a large number of people.


We must take lessons from other countries which are powerful even though they are not rich in natural resources. Only technical education has made them distinguished in the world. Our county is fortunate to have rich resources. The only need is to give technical and vocational guidance to our young men and women. This alone can solve many problems at the same time.