388 Words Short Essay on the green revolution (free to read)


Indian agriculture has been the source of supply of our leading industries. Investment in agriculture, in irrigation facilities, tractors, ware houses etc. have been rising continuously, increasing the demand for industrial output and adding to the nation’s capital stock.

The significance of agriculture in India arises also from the fact that the development in agriculture is an essential condition for the development of the national economy.

Economic growth means a higher rate of growth of Gross National Product and it is obviously impossible to attain a higher rate of growth in the economy unless there is rapid growth in both the agricultural and non agricultural sectors.


The new agricultural strategy during 1964-65 was the only cause for starting green revolution in India. Green Revolution implies to improve agricultural production within a limited period and maintaining a high level agricultural production over a long period of time.

To improve agricultural production, green revolution envisages several steps, such as, use of high yielding varieties of seeds, use of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, use of improved technology, multiple cropping, irrigation facilities, providing agricultural credit to farmers, suitable price mechanism for agricultural production and land reforms.

As a result of green revolution the production of food grains increased a lot which ultimately made India a self reliant country in food grains. The production of wheat increased seven times and of rice three times. After independence in 1947, India was not in the condition to fulfil the requirement of food grains.

It was partly due to the natural calamities like femines, droughts, which struck India time to time and created the problem of food shortage. As a result India had to depend on other countries to overcome this problem. Our farmer suffered a lot.


Before the Green Revolution they were struggling to make both ends meet as they did not have any agricultural facilities. For irrigation they depend on monsoon which always played a gamble with them. If monsoon failed their crops failed which ultimately increased their problem.

In such circumstances, the Green Revolution proved to be a boon. It not only made our country self-sufficient in food- grains but also improved the condition of our farmers. They have started living a comfortable life. Thus Green Revolution helped in satisfying the appetite of the millions as well as relieving the economy of the country.

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