I shall not bore you by giving you a detailed account of my early life. Let me begin my story with the happiest chapter of my early life. How well’ remember the day when a handsome young college boy entered my master’s shop. He took no time at all to decide that he wanted me. He bought me at once. How proud I was to walk out of that shop in his company! I felt that we had much in common. We were both young and handsome.

I was made of soft material. I was quite proud of my beauty. I was dearly bought and also dearly loved by my master. He showed me off with great pride wherever he went out. All his college companions admired me.

My devotion to my master was very great. I did not mind undergoing any pain to please my master. I had to pay regular visits to the laundry. The laundry-man was a heartless fellow. He bailed me, wrung me and then hung me out in the burning heat of the sun. Last of all I was pressed down with a very hot iron. This meant more torture for me. Yet I bore my sufferings cheerfully. I knew that my snow-white appearance would make my master look more attractive.

Happiness never lasts long. Age began to tell upon my health. I lost my youthful beauty. I looked old and worn out. My master went in for a new coat. I was given away as a present to his old servant. The old man was delighted to have me, but I did not share his joy. It was a great fall in life for me. I put up with my present life as I have no choice in the matter. When I think of my past happiness, it makes me feel very miserable and unhappy.