The cock crows at the crack of dawn. Ramu unlocks the massive wooden door of his courtyard as his wife comes out to sweep it. Gauri the buffalo moo’s lazily as she readies to be milked. Thick grey smoke emanates from the kitchen hearth to mingle with clear skies above. Tea is being prepared slowly the morning sounds get louder. The koel comes to sit alongside the parrots and sparrows on the large mango tree grooves nearby. Puja bells resound around the village. Priests at the temple are performing morning prayers to the presiding deity.

Farmers gradually set off for their fields with their bullock carts, tractors and implements. Mowing, ploughing, raking and constant buzz of the tube well watering the fields add to the hub of the agricultural life at a village. The occasional exchange of tobacco, light hearted laughter and conversation makes the toil easier. The farmer unmindful of the shift of the blazing sun directly above his head pats and chats encouragingly with his cattle. A loud gong rings in to announce that the village school is over. Ravenous children scamper to climb the mango trees whilst others choose to cool off at the river with a swim.

Sita walks in demurely with a knapsack lunch. There is bajra chapatti’s with garlic and red chili sauce, raw onions and fresh buttermilk to wash down the spice. The bullocks quench their thirst at the stream now rest under the shade of the tamarind tree. Soon dusk sets in the temple bells chime energetically with the singing of hymns to thank the lord for his blessings.

Village elders settle to smoke in the village quadrangle and exchange harmless banter. Odors of garlic and condiments emote from various kitchen hearths to once more fill the air. Children settle in front of the only TV in the village recreation room awaiting dinner. Gauri, the buffalo moo’s lazily as she settles into sleep.