I am all alone in my prison cell. I have no company. I came here ten years ago. I shall never see the faces of my family or friends any more. Yet I remember I was happy as a child. My parents loved me. They let me do whatever I pleased. I used to steal things. My mother never corrected me. She did not punish me for being dishonest.

As I grew up, I fell into bad company. I joined a gang of thieves. I learnt to be a pickpocket. I enjoyed the easy money I got by pick pocketing people.

Soon I was tired of being just a pickpocket. With my gang, I planned more daring things. We broke into houses and robbed people. For a time, we got away with it. One day our luck was no so good. We broke into a house. A man resisted us and managed to raise an alarm. I hit him hard on the head with an iron bar. He dropped dead.

The police got us then. We were arrested and tried in a court of law. We got various sentences. My sentence was the heaviest of all because I had killed a man. I was given a life sentence. So now I have to live a cheerless existence. I have to remain behind these prison bars for the rest of my life.