304 Words essay on the Blessings of Peace


There is nothing like peace. During a war, a country is in a disturbed state. In peace time, everyone feels safe and secure. No one feels that his life or property might be destroyed at any time.

A country has a chance to progress when there is peace. It can plan all its activities for the advancement of its people. During war time, a lot of money is wasted on arms and equipment. The same money is utilized for public welfare in peace time.

Agriculture and other normal occupations may be carried on in times of peace. During war times the farmer has neither rest nor peace of mind to till his land or sow his crop. In other occupations too, all able-bodied, men are required to join the army in war time. So the normal life is disrupted.


When there is peace, the scientist can carry on his research and the artist can create beautiful things. These activities cannot be carried on in war-time.

Most important of all is the fact that people are calm and happy in times of peace. Families live happily together. Each one realizes his ambitions in his own way. In war times people will live in constant worry. They do not know when they will get bad news and sorrow will enter their lives. So peace is preferable to war because of its many blessings.

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