232 Words Essay on Time Is Money


The phrase ‘Time is money’ is very commonly used now a days and is very true when seen in the present scenarios and the current state of the society and the market as a general example. The economic shifts in terms of up’s and down’s are seen very drastically everyday.

The economic shift and the stock market value increase and decrease are now seen to be seen basically dependent on the functionalities and the various working prowess of the people associated with the company. Where every employee contributes a huge sum towards the development of the company and this helps in the understanding of the fact that every single moment the employee works in the company contributes if not a large sum but at least a little sum for the development of the company and thus contributing a sum and thus can be said that every moment contributes a sum and thus the term -time is money.

Apart from this example various other more commonly associated examples too can be given where it can be said that every single moment of hard work if not presently but definitely pays in the long run and thus every moment is precious and thus the term money is a measure of time or a penny saved is a penny earned is very apt with the father of all these terms that is ‘time is money’.


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