1. Who was known as the ‘Parrot’ of India?

Ans. Amir Khasru.

2. Name the book written by Ziauddin Barni.

Ans. Tariq-i-Firuzsahi.


3. Name the Moorish traveller who visited India during the Sultanate period.

Ans. Ibn Batutah.

4. Name the book written by Ibn Batutah.

Ans. Rehala.


5. Who wrote Tabaqat-i-Nasiri?

Ans. Minhaj-us-Shiraj.

6. Who wrote Chanchnama?

Ans. Alibin Hamid.


7. Who wrote Futuh-us-Salatin?

Ans. Isami.

8. Who wrote about the Tughluq sultans of Delhi?

Ans. Afif in Tariq-i-Firuzsahi.


9. Name the book written by Ferishta.

Ans. Twarikh-i-Ferishta.

10. Name the Russian traveller who visited the Bahmani kingdom.

Ans. Nikitin.


24. Name one history book of the period of Akbar.

Ans. Akbarnama.

25. Where was Islam first introduced in India?

Ans. In the Malabar Coast.


26. When did Mahmud of Ghazni invade India for the first time?

Ans. 1000 AD.

27. Who was defeated in the second battle of Tarain?

Ans. Prithviraj Chauhan.

28. Who was the first sultan of India?

Ans. Qutbuddin Aibek.

29. Who was considered the ‘real founder’ of the Delhi Sultanate?

Ans. Iltutmish.

30. Name the only lady sultan who ascended the throne of Delhi.

Ans. Sultana Raziya.

31. Name the Turkish adventurer who conquered Bengal.

Ans. Bakhtiyar Khilji.

32. Who introduced the Iqta system in India?

Ans. Iltutmish.

33. By who was Iltutmish succeeded?

Ans. Raziya.

34. When did the Khilji Revolution take place?

Ans. 1290.

35. What ended the monopoly of the Mameluk sultans over Delhi?

Ans. By Khilji Revolution.

36. Which sultan wanted to be the world conqueror?

Ans. Alauddin Khilji.

37. Who was the last Khilji sultan of Delhi?

Ans. Khasru Khan.

38. By what name the itinerant businessmen of the Sultanate period called?

Ans. Caravan.

39. Who was the founder of the Tughluq dynasty?

Ans. Ghiyasuddin Tughluq.

40. Which sultan tried to transfer capital from Delhi?

Ans. Muhammad-bin Tughluq.

41. Which sultan of Delhi was famous for currency reforms?

Ans. Muhammad-bin Tughluq.

42. Who was the last Tughluq sultan of Delhi?

Ans. Nasiruddin Mahmud.

43. What was ‘caravan’ of the Sultanate period?

Ans. Itinerant traders.

44. Who introduced tanka and jital?

Ans. Iltutmish.

45. Name the Delhi sultan who died in the battle-field.

Ans. Ibrahim Lodi.

46. When did Chengiz Khan first appear on the borders of India?

Ans. 1221 AD.

47. When did Tamerlane invade India?

Ans. 1398 AD.

48. When did the Mongols for the first time capture Lahore in the heart of Punjab (India)?

Ans. In 1241 (During Sultan Muizuddin Barham).

49. When did the first battle of Panipat take place?

Ans. 1526.

50. Who was the last sultan of Delhi?

Ans. Ibrahim Lodi.

51. Who was the founder of the Mughal ruling dynasty?

Ans. Babur.

52. What was the name of the religious assembly of Akbar?

Ans. Ibadatkhana.

53. In which battle did Babur defeat the Afghans?

Ans. Battle of Gogra (1529).

54. Who was the first Padsah of India?

Ans. Babur.

55. What was the name of Adil Shah’s Hindu minister?

Ans. Himu.

56. Who was defeated in the battle of Haldighat?

Ans. Ranapratap Singh.

57. Into how many subahs was the Mughal Empire divided during the reign of Akbar?

Ans. Eighteen subhas.

58. Which was the last military conquest of Akbar?

Ans. The conquest of Asirgarh.

59. Who introduced the Mansabdari system?

Ans. Akbar.

60. When was the treaty of Purandar signed?

Ans. 1665.

61. Name one regional rebellion that burst out under Aurangzeb.

Ans. Jat Revolt.

62. When did Aurangzeb die?

Ans. 1707.

63. When did Nadir Shah invade India?

Ans. 1739.

64. Who was the last Mughal Emperor of India?

Ans. Bahadur Shah II.