40 Important Questions on Europe


1. Which is the largest river of Europe ?

Ans. Volga (Russia).

2. Which is the smallest country of the world ?


Ans. Vatican city (Europe).

3. What is Eurasia ?

Ans. The single landmass comprising Asia and Europe is known as Eurasia.

4. Which is the lowest country in the world ?


Ans. Neatherland (Europe).

5. Where is the Meseta plateau located ?

Ans. In Europe (Spain).

6. Which is the longest and the most important mountain range of Europe ?


Ans. Alps.

7. Which is the highest mountain peak of Europe ?

Ans. Mount Elbrus. It is in the mountain Caucasus.

8. Which is the highest peak of the Alps ?


Ans. Mount Blanc.

9. Which is the second longest river of Europe ?

Ans. The Danube.

10. Which continent is the most densely populated ?


Ans. Europe.

11. Which factor led the industrial revolution in Europe ?

Ans. Coal and Iron,

12. What is viticulture ?

Ans. The cultivation of grapes is known as viticulture.

13 for the production of which type of fruits the Mediterranean countries are famous ?

Ans. Citrus fruits.

14.What is Dogger Bank ?

Ans. It is a rich fishing ground in the north sea and off the coasts of Norway and Iceland.

15. Which country in Europe is the largest producer of Iron and steel ?

Ans. Russia.

16. What are trawlers and drifters ?

Ans. These are highly mechanised fleets which are used in fishing.

17.On which river the city of London is situated ?

Ans. The Thames.

18. Where are the Heathrow and Gatwick airports situated ?

Ans. London.

19. Where the Big Ben is situated ?

Ans. London.

20. Where is the Buckingham Palace situated ?

Ans. London.

21. In which city the Eiffel tower is situated ?

Ans. Paris (France).

22. Where the Jura Mountain is situated ?

Ans. France.

23. Which mineral is found in Lorraine region in France ?

Ans. Iron ore.

24. Where the Cathedral of Notre Dame is located ?

Ans. Paris (France).

25. Where the Louvre Museum is situated and the ‘Mona Lisa’ is displayed ?

Ans. Paris (France).

26. Why the Ruhr valley of Germany is famous for ?

Ans. Coal is found mainly in Ruhr Basin.

27. Which strait separates Russia from the USA ?

Ans. Bering strait.

28. Which is the most important river of Russia ?

Ans. Volga.

29. Which is the world’s deepest lake ?

Ans. Lake Baikal of Russia.

30. Which is the longest railway in the world ?

Ans. Trans-Siberian Rail Road.

31. Where the Kremlin is situated ?

Ans. Moscow.

32. Which continent is known as continent of continents ?

Ans. Europe.

33. What is great Fisher bank and where it is situated ?

Ans. A big fish production centre in north western Europe.

34. Which sea separates United Kingdom from France ?

Ans. English channel.

35. Which is the most beautiful city of the world ?

Ans. Paris.

36. Where the Moorland is situated?

Ans. In England.

37.0° Latitude passes through which place of England ?

Ans. Greenwich near London.

38. Which city of England known as Black country ?

Ans. Birmingham.’

39. On the bank of which rive- Berlin is situated ?

Ans. Spree river.

40. Which country of the world is spread over two continents?

Ans. Russia (Europe and Asia).

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