39 important Questions on Shahjahaim


1. What was the first title given to his wife by Shahjahan?

Ans. Malika-e-Zamani.

2. How many sons and daughters Shahjahan had ?


Ans. Four sons and three daughters.

3. Who were the four sons of Shahjahan ?

Ans. Dara, Shuja, Aurangzeb and Murad.

4. Who were three daughters of Shahjahan ?


Ans. Jahan Ara, Roshan Ara and Gohar Ara.

5. When Shahjahan was coronated ?

Ans. In 1628 AD.

6. Whom Shahjahan appointed the Prime Minister ?


Ans. Asaf Khan.

7. Who was appointed the Governor of Ajmer after his coronation ?

Ans. Mahawat Khan.

8. Which title Shahjahan had given to Mahawat Khan ?


Ans. Khan-e-Khana.

9. Where did Nurjahan spend rest of her life after the death of Jahangir ?

Ans. At Lahore.

10. How much money Shahjahan used to give to Nurjahan as pension annually ?


Ans. Two lakh rupees.

11. Which city Shahjahan founded and made it his capital ?

Ans. Shahjahanabad near Delhi.

12. What was the second title Shahjahan had given to his wife ?

Ans. Mumtaz Mahal.

13. When Mumtaz Mahal died ?

Ans. In 1631 AD.

14. Where was Mumtaz Mahal buried after her death ?

Ans. At Agra.

15. Who built the Tajmahal at Agra ?

Ans. Shahjahan, in the memory of his beloved wife. Her (Mumtaz Mahal) mausoleum is inside the Tajmahal.

16. When was the Tajmahal completed ?

Ans. It took twenty years (from 1632-1652), for the complete of the Tajmahal.

17. Which Mughal ruler is known as “King of Architecture?

Ans. Shahjahan.

18. The Tajmahal of Agra was built with which materials and from where it was supplied ?

Ans. White Marble, Markana (Rgjesthan).

19. Who built the Moti Masjid art Agra fort ?

Ans. Shahjahan ?

20. Who built Shish Mahal, Angooribagh and Fish Mahal at Agra fort ?

Ans. Shahjahan.

21. When Shahjahan shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi?

Ans. 1639 AD.

22. Who built the Red Fort at Delhi ?

Ans. Shahjahan.

23. On the bank of which river the Red Fort at Delhi was built ?

Ans. Yamuna river.

24. Of which materials the Red Fort at Delhi was built ?

Ans. Red Sandstone.

25. Who built Diwan-e-Aam, Diwan-e-Khas, Moti Mahal and Rang Mahal inside the Red Fort at Delhi ?

Ans. Shahjahan.

26. Who built the Peacock throne and Naubat Khana insidtst the Red Fort at Delhi ? :

Ans. Shahjahan.

27. Who built the Jama Masjid at Delhi ?

Ans. Shahjahan.

28. Who built the Jahangir’s Tomb at Lahore ?

Ans. Shahjahan.

29. Who built the Shahi Masjid at Lahore ?

Ans. Shahjahan.

30. Who built the Shalimar garden at Kashmir ?

Ans. Shahjahan.

31. The reign of which Mughal ruler is known as the golden age of the Mughals ?

Ans. Shahjahan.

32. With which diamond peacock throne was adorned ?

Ans. Kohinoor.

33. Who were the famous historians during the reign of Shahjahan ?

Ans. Abdul Hamid Lahori and Khafi Khan.

34. Who were the famous Hindi poets during the reign of Shahjahan ?

Ans. Sundar, Bhusan and Bihari.

35. Which son of Shahjahan imprisoned him ?

Ans. Aurangzeb.

36. At which place Shahjahan was imprisoned ?

Ans. In the Musammam Butj at Agra fort.

37. Which of Shahjahan’s daughter served his father during the time of his captivity ?

Ans. Jahan Ara.

38. When was Shahjahan died ?

Ans. In 1666 AD.

39. Where was Shahjahan buried ?

Ans. He was buried in Tajmahal beside his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal at Agra.

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