1. How Babur was related with Taimur and Changez Khan?

Ans. Babur was a Chagtai Turk. He was descended on his father’s side from Taimur and on his mother’s side with Changez Khan.

2.Who invited Babur to attack India?

Ans. Babur was invited to attack India by Daulat Khan Lodi the governor of Lahore and the ruler of Mewar Rana Sanga.


3. When and where the first battle of Panipat was fought?

Ans. In 1526 AD, the first battle of Panipat was fought in the field of Panipat in Haryana.

4.Who came victorious after the end of first battle of Panipat ?

Ans. In this battle Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi and became


5.Who laid the foundation of Mughal empire in India?

Ans. After defeating Ibrahim Lodi in the first battle of Panipat Babur laid the foundation of Mughal empire in India.

Which famous battle-strategy did Babur use in the first battle of Panipat ?

Ans. Ottoman (Rumi) device.


7. Who were the famous master-gunners who fought first battle of Panipat for Babur?

Ans. They were Ustad Ali and Mustafa.

8.Which ruler used the gun-powder for the first time in India?

Ans. Babur, in the first battle of Panipat.


9.Where was the capital of Babur?

Ans. Agra.

10.Which two important cities did Babur capture during first battle of Panipat?

Ans. Delhi and Agra.


11.Who fought the battle of Khanwa and when?

Ans. The Rajput ruler of Mewar Rana Sanga and Babur fought in the battle of Khanwa on 16th March, 1527 AD. Babur defeated him badly.

12. Between whom the battle of Chanderi was fought and when?

Ans. Between the Mughal ruler Babur and the Rajput chief Medini Rai. Babur defeated Medini Rai in the battle of Chanderi in 1528 AD and he captured the fort of Malwa.


13.Between whom and when the battle of Ghagra was fought?

Ans. Between Mughal ruler Babur and the Afghans of Bihar and Bengal in 1529 AD. Babur defeated Afghans in the battle of Ghagra,

14.After the victory of which battle Babur became the master of almost whole of northern India?

Ans. Battle of Ghagra.

15. Who gave the Slogan of ‘Jihad’ against Rana Sanga?

Ans. Babur.

16.Which title Babur assumed after the victory of the battk of Khanwa?

Ans. Ghazi.

17. When did Babur die?

Ans. On 27th Dec. 1530 AD.

18.Where was Babur buried first?

Ans. At Arambagh in Agra.

19. The burial of Babur was shifted ultimately from Agra to which place ?

Ans. Kabul.

20. What is “Tuzuk-e-Babri”?

Ans. It is the autobiography of Babur. He wrote it In Turkish Language.

21. As which name also ‘Tuzuk-e-Babri’ is known?

Ans. Baburnama.

22. Who translated the Baburnama in Persian Language?

Ans. Abdur Rahim Khan-e-Khana.

23. Who built the Arambagh at Agra?

Ans. Babur.

24. Who was appointed the in charge of maintenance work of Babri Masjid at Ayodhya by Babur?

Ans. Mir Taqui