22 sample questions on Food and Nutrition


1. Define Food. Briefly classify the types of food.

2. What do you mean by ‘food’ ? Describe the functions of food.

3. What are the ‘proximate principles of foods’. Briefly, outline their functions.


4. Describe the composition, sources and functions of protein.

5. Briefly classify protein indicating the deficiency diseases caused by it.

6. Differentiate between the different types of Carbohydrates with examples.

7. Which type of food forms the ‘staple’ food of mankind. Why ?


8. Discuss about the sources of Carbohydrates in an Indian diet.

9. Why fat is considered as a useful constituent of our daily diet ?

10. What is the importance of calcium, iron and phosphorus in our body ?

11. Name the B-Complex Vitamins. Briefly state the sources and functions of each these Vitamins.


12. What are Minerals ? Discuss about the major and minor Minerals.

13. What are Vitamins ? Classify Vitamins and show their significance in our diet

14. How do you benefit by eating :

(a) eggs (b) Fresh fruits (c) Milk (d) Vegetables.


15. What are the food sources of Iron, Calcium and Iodine.

16. The deficiency of which Vitamin causes

(a) Night blindness (b) Ricket (c) Reproductive failure (d) Beri Beri

17. Mineral salts are required by our body in a very little amount, but are In­essential for our growth and health. Justify.


18. Name the water-soluble vitamins. State the functions, sources and effect deficiency of any one of these vitamins.

19. Define ‘Food preservation’, Explain the importance of food preservation examples.

20. Describe the most common household methods of food preservation adopted Indian families.

21. Explain the principles on which the food preservation processes are based.

22. Write an essay on the causes of food spoilage.

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