1. GR Sun has been chosen as the first Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) of

1. J&K

2. Assam

3. Bihar


4. Goa

5. None of these

2. Hosni Mubarak is associated with which country?

1. Tunisia


2. Sudan

3. Libya

4. Syria

5. None of these


3. Name the Belgian who won her first Australian Open crown with a 3-6, 6-3, 6-3 win over China’s Li Na on Jan 29.

1. Serena Williams

2. Venus Williams

3. Kim Clijsters


4. Maria Sharapova

5. None of these

4. Name the country in which Indian students are being forced to wear radio collars around their ankles so that their movements can be tracked.

1. Australia


2. UK

3. France

4. Switzerland

5. None of these


5. Name the 17th Karmapa who has been questioned by the Himachal Pradesh Police about the huge recovery of unaccounted foreign and Indian currency from his monastery in Sidhbari.

1. Ugyen Thinley Dorjee

2. Karmapa Dorjee

3. Dalai Lama

4. Lama Rinchin Thondak

5. Non of these

6. Who has been appointed as an adviser to the Prime Minister on skills development with Cabinet rank?

1. Kaushik Basu

2. Subramaniam Ramadorai

3. Jayati Ghosh

4. Prabhat Patnaik

5. None of these.

7. Which team has won the inaugural Hockey India Senior Women’s National Championship?

1. Haryana

2. Railways

3. Punjab

4. Jharkhand

5. None of these

8. Novak Djokovic has won the men’s singles Australian Open title by defeating.

1. Andy Murray

2. Rafael Nadal

3. Roger Federer

4. Marat Safin

5. None of these

9. 34th National Games in Feb 2011 was held in

1. Goa

2. Assam

3. Jharkhand

4. Kerala

5. None of these

10. Who has been appointed as the new chairman of the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI)?

1. NK Sinha

2. Sushma Seth

3. Darshan Meheta

4. UK Sinha

5. None of these

11. Name the Hezbollah-backed man who has been appointed as the new PM of Lebanon.

1. Wajib Mikati

2. Rafik Hariri

3. Omar Suleiman

4. Asma Mahfouz

5. None of these

12. The International Monetary Fund on Jan 25 raised growth forecast for global economy to 4.4 per cent while retaining the projection for India at —-percent for calendar year 2011. The multilateral lender International Monetary Fund (IMF), however, cautioned that downside risks to global recovery remain “elevated”

1. 7.8

2. 8

3. 8.4

4. 9

5. None of these

13. Internationally renowned music composer AR Rahaman was honoured with —- of the World Economic Forum (WEF) at the opening ceremony of its annual meet in Davos being attended by 2,500 global leaders from the fields of business, government, art, culture and religion.

1. Grammy awards

2. Golden Globe Award

3. Freedom Medal

4. Crystal Award

5. None of these

14. Who is the author of the book Beyond the Crash: Overcoming the first crisis of globalization?

1. Barak Obama

2. Gordon Brown

3. Tony Blair

4. Johan Major

5. None of these

15. Which state govt. has extended the term of the Navavati Commission probing the 2002 riots still June 30, 2011—the 15th extension for the panel?

1. Maharashtra

2. UP

3. Gujarat

4. Bihar

5. None of these

16. Who has been appointed as the head of the reconstituted National Security Advisory Board NSAB)?

1. SHYAM Saran

2. Anil Kakodakar

3. Rajamohan

4. Naresh Chandra

5. None of these

17. The International Press Institute (IPI), India Chapter, has conferred their Excellence in Journalism award for the year 2010 to —–. The award was given to the magazine for he expose on the cold-blooded killing of a young man by the security forces in Manipur.

1. Tehelka

2. Cobra Post

3. Outlook

4. India Today

5. None of these

18. What is India’s position in current FIFA rankings?

1) 120th

2) 132nd

3) 144th

4) 150th

5) None of these

19. Who has been appointed as India’s first woman finance secretary?

1) Sushma Nath

2) Kavita Choudhry

3) Chokila Lyer

4) Arundhati Ghosh

5) None of these

20. Mane the Manila-based bank which has agreed extend an aid quantum of $7.4 billion to India for developing its infrastructure for a three-year period (2011-13).

1) World Bank

2) IMF


4) Asian Development Bank

5) None of these

21. What percentage of its total crude oil is imported by India?

1) 40%

2) 50%

3) 60%

4) 80%

5) None of these

22. In Global Gender Gap Report, India has been ranked at

1) 97th

2) 107th

3) 112th

4) 122nd

5) None of these

23. At present, what is RBI’s share in NABARD equity?

1) 100%

2) 74%

3) 51%

4) 1%

5) None of these

24. Who has been appointed as the first chief of the national green tribunal (NGT)?

1. Dhanendra Kumar

2. Lokeshwar Singh

3. Sushma Nath

4. Sam Pitroda

5. None of these

25. ‘Smart Money’ is a team used for?

1. Credit cards

2. Mobile Banking

3. Internet Banking

4. Electronic Cheques

5. None of these

26. India has become the largest recipient of the World Bank loans during fiscal ending June 2010. The country which follows India is

1. Argentina

2. Brazil

3. Mexico

4. South Africa

5. None of these

27. India has finally woken up to the needs of the country’s elderly. With the number o people in the 60-plus age group in India excepted to increase to 100 million in 2013 and to 198 million in 2030, the health ministry is all set to roll out the

1. National Program for Health care for the Elderly

2. National program for Senior Citizens

3. National Program for Old Aged

4. Rashtriya Vriddha Swasthya Yojana

5. None of these

28. India has missed the National Health Policy target to eliminate kala-azar—the delay parasitic transmitted through the bite of a sandfly— by 2010. Now, the Union health ministry’s new target is to eliminate or reduce the number of kala-azar cases to 1 per 10,000 populations by

1. 2010

2. 2012

3. 2015

4. 2017

5. None of these

29. Which of the following has overtaken ICICI prudential to become India’s largest private insurance in terms of first-year premium collection, garnering a new business of Rs. 4,651 crores?

1. SBI life

2. Aviva

3. Apollo Munich

4. Bajaj Allianz

5 None of these

30. In accordance with the Center’s policy to open more banks in rural areas, a target has set to open at least one bank branch in each of the 72,000 villages in the country by

1. 2012

2. 2013

3. 2014

4. 2015

5. None of thee

31. Clearing a protracted uncertainty over India’s largest-even foreign direct investment, the union Environment Ministry gave its approval to South Korean steel major POSCO’s proposed iron-and-steel plant in

1. Jharkhand

2. West Bengal

3. Chhattisgarh

4. Orissa

5. None of these

32. Satisfied with the ongoing polio campaign in India, Bill gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, is hopeful that India could eliminate the delay virus in the next two years. So far, only four countries are infected with the virus. Which of the following is not among them?

1. India

2. Pakistan

3. Sri Lanka

4. Afghanistan

5. Nigeria

33. Name of the actor-turned-politician who with much fanfare launched the Praja Rajyam (PRP) in 2008 as “an alternative to the Congress and Telgu Desam Party” in Andhra Pradesh and “to protect the poor and social justice and fight corruption” on Feb 6 announced the PRP’s manager with the Congress “without any pre-condition”

1. Chiranjeevi

2. Rajnikant

3. Mohanlal

4. Mamooty

5. None of these

34. The potential for enhancing collaborative polar research between India and Norway is immense. This was the message of the Indo-Norwegian meeting titled—– on Feb 3, which included an exhibition and a seminar, and was organized by the Ministry of Earthy Sciences and the Royal Norwegian Embassy in collaboration with the Ministry’s National Centre for Antartic and Ocean Research (NCAOR), Goa, and the Norwegian Polar Institute, Tromso.

1. Nation to Nation

2. Hope to Hope

3. Pole to Pole

4. Dream to Dream

5. None of these.

35. Name the first woman Secretary-General of SAARC.

1. FATHIMATH Dhiyana Saeed

2. Mariana Babar

3. Illina Khan

4. Nirupama Rao

5. None of these.

36. Who is the Registrar-General and Census Commissioner of India?

1. C. Chandramauli

2. Vinod Rai

3. Balmiki Prasad Singh

4. Anand Sinha

5. None of these.

37. An anti-corruption tribunal of the ICC has banned former Pakistan captain Salman Butt for —–years, Mohammad Asiffor—-years and Mohammad Amir for —–years for their role in a spot-fixing betting scam.

1. 19, 7, 5

2. 7, 5, 3

3. 7, 5, 10

4. 5, 7, 10

5. None of these.

38. Which of the following teams has won the Duleep Trophy in Visakhapatnam on Feb 5?

1. East Zone

2. West Zone

3. South Zone

4. North Zone

5. None of these.

39. Match the following correctly:

List I (Books) List II (Authors)

A. Leadership in Crisis (i) Bobby Jindal

B. Decision Points (ii) George Bush

C. Women’s Cricket World (iii) Anjum Chopra

D. Open (iv) Andre Agassi


1) (i) (ii) (iii) (iv)

2) (ii) (iii) (iv) (i)

3) (iii) (iv) (i) (ii)

4) (iv) (i) (ii) (iii)

5) (iv) (iii) (ii) (i)

40. Who among the following Indian women have been ranked as the most powerful women of the past century by Time magazine?

1) Indira Gandhi and Mother Teresa

2) Indira Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi

3) Mother Teresa and Sonia Gandhi

4) Indra Nooyi and Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

5) Naina Lal Kidwai and Indra Nooyi

41. What is the rank of India in UNDP’s 20th Human Development Report 2010?

1) 126

2) 214

3) 122

4) 120

5) None of these.

42. Which of the following committees has said that 40 of the regional rural bank will need Rs. 2200 Cr-capitalization by 2011-12?

1) C Rangarajan Committee

2) Rakesh Mohan Committee

3) Anand Sinha Committee

4) K C Chakrabarty Committee

5) None of these

43. As per the latest data for 2009-10 (revised estimates), the per capita income in India stands at

1) Rs. 46,492

2) Rs. 40,312

3) Rs. 35,630

4) Rs. 30,320

5) None of theses.

44. How many Regional Rural Banks (RRBs) are working in the Country?

1) 82

2) 96

3) 99

4) 100

5) None of these

45. The SBI has recently launched a scheme to provide better services/facilities to its customers and to attract more and more new customers. The scheme is named:

1) Aadhaar

2) Parivartan

3) Samadhaan

4) Suvidha

5) None of these.

46. Which country has recently completed its 20 years of unity?

1) Vietnam

2) Sourth Africa

3) Korea

4) China

5) None of these.

47. Which of the following will be the capital of Southern Sudan, world’s newest capital?

1) Kigali

2) Free town

3) Juba

4) Khartoum

5) None of these

48. Who will be the first president of Southern Sudan?

1) Salva Kiir Mayardit

2) Dr Riek Machar

3) Omar al-Bashir

4) Johan Kufour

5) None of these.

49. Name the controversial private company to whom Indian Space Research Organisatio (ISRO) had granted S-band.

1) Devas

2) Swan

3) Antrix

4) Nastrix

5) None of these

50. FRBM Act stands for

1) Financial Responsibility and Business Management Act.

2) Fiscal Responsibility and Business Management Act

3) Financial Responsibility and Budget Management Act

4) Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act

5) None of these.