17 Important Questions on Himalaya Mountain


1. What is the average height of the Greater Himalayas?

Ans. 6100 meters.

2. By which name the Mount Everest is known in Nepal ?


Ans. Sagarmatha.

3. By which name the lesser Himalayas or Himachal is known in Kashmir?

Ans. Peerpanjal.

4. What is the name of the Peerpanjal Pass which is on way from Jammu to Srinagar ?


Ans. Banihal Pass.

5. What is the highest mountain peak of India and in which range it is situated ?

Ans. K2 (Gaudwin Austin), it is in the Karakoram range.

6. By which name in north-east India the Himalyas is known ?


Ans. Purvachal.

7. Which river separates western Himalayas from Nepal Himalayas ?

Ans- Kali river.

8. Which small range separates the Nepal Himalayas from the eastern Himalayas?


Ans. Singa Lila.

9. Which part of India is the oldest ?

Ans. Peninsular India.

10. Which territory of India is the part of Gondawana land ? Ans. Peninsular India.


11. Which is the highest mountain peak of the western Ghat ?

Ans.. Anaimudi in the Anaimudi Hills in Kerala.

12. Which mountain peak is the highest in south India ?

Ans. Anaimudi.

13. Which are three important passes in the western Ghat ?

Ans. Thalghat, Bhorghat and Palghat.

14. In which state the cardamom hill is located ?

Ans. Kerala.

15. In which state the Girnar hills are located ?

Ans. Gujarat.

16.Eastern Ghat is also known as by which name ?

Ans. Coromandal coast.

17. Western Ghat is also known as by which name ?

Ans. Malabar coast.

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