16 important Long Questions on anatomy and physiology


1. Explain in brief the structure and functions of stomach and digestion of food in it.

2. With the help of diagram explain the structure and functions of the heart.

3. Discuss about the composition and constituents of blood in brief.


4. Classify endocrine glands. Why is pituitary called as the master gland of the body ?

5. Briefly describe the structure of the thyroid gland and its function.

6. Explain any three of the ductless glands with diagrams.

7. Mention sex hormones. Explain their role in the human body.


8. Describe about the types and functions of white blood cells in the body.

9. Describe briefly about blood groups.

10. What is ‘digestion’ ? Explain the digestions of rice and dal in human body.

11. Describe the structure of the small intestine along with the digestion of food taking place in it.


12. Discuss about the absorption of food stuffs in the human body.

13. Describe the structure and functions of heart in brief with the help of a diagram.

14. What are the different digestive juices secreted in the human body ? Describe their

origin and action on food.


15. Describe the structure, type and functions of leucocytes.

16. Describe about the structure and functions of blood platelets in human

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