1. With which game is the Agha Khan Cup associated ?

(a) Football (b) Cricket

(c) Basketball (d) Hockey

2. The term ‘Grand Slam’ is associated with-


(a) Table Tennis (b) Chess

(c) Badminton (d) Bridge

3. Which of the following countries has hosted the Asian Games for maximum number of times ?

(a) Indonesia (b) Thailand (c) India (d) China


4. The winter Olympics came Into being in-

(a) 1912 (b) 1916

(c) 1920 (d) 1924

5. Leander Paes is associated with-


(a) Football (b) Cricket

(c) Badminton (d) Tennis

6. The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930. Which country hosted the games ?

(a) Australia (b) England


(c) New Zealand (d) Canada

7. India won the first Olympic Hockey gold cup at-

(a) London (b) Berlin

(c) Amsterdam (d) Los Angeles


8. First Olympic Games were held in-

(a) 776 BC. (b) 798 BC.

(c) 876 BC. (d) 898 BC-

9. Wimbledon is a place connected with-


(a) Cricket (b) Table Tennis

(c) Badminton (d) Lawn Tennis

10. If you scored a cannon, which game would you be playing ?

(a) Football (b) Cricket

(c) Billiards (d) Hockey

11. Matt’ is related with which of the following game ?

(a) Golf (b) Judo (c) Kho-kho (d) Rugby

12. Arina is related with which of the following game ?

(a) Judo (b) Kho-kho

(c) Golf (d) Horse Racing