Sometimes the motor development lags behind due to many factors. Some are as follows:

(i) III health

Due to ill health the child can’t develop properly.

(ii) Hereditary factors


Child whose parents’ motor development was not proper in their childhood will have chances of poor motor development.

(iii) Imbalanced food

By not getting balanced diet the child can’t develop good health. He will suffer from one or the other diseases as a result he will not be able to coordinate their different sense organs and body parts. So his sensory motor development will not be good.

(iv) Lack of opportunity


Children who do not get enough opportunities to play and to interact with their environment don’t develop their motor skills properly.

Games play an important role in the physical and motor development of children. By playing games, their blood circulation functions well and they become healthy.

Their immunity power also increases. Coordination between their body parts improves, for instance, in the beginning a baby cannot catch the ball properly, but afterwards he catches the ball by the right coordination of his eyes and hands. He controls his body and learns many motor skills, e.g., jumping, cycling, running, etc. which help in his physical and motor development.