(i) Body

The physical organs which are responsible for speech affect the development of speech. If these organs develop properly the child learns better language and their pronunciation is also correct.

(ii) Health

Children who are healthy and their sense organs are properly developed, they receive correct stimuli from the environ­ment and they learn better language quickly. Child with poor health is not able to learn language properly.



Intelligence of the child affects the language development of the child. Comprehension of the intelligent child is good so he learns faster and better. They make less grammatical mistakes.

(iv) Sex

It has been seen that girls learns language earlier than boys. Their sentences are long and their pronunciation is nearly correct.


(v) Family

The language of family members affects the language development of the child. How do they communicate with him? How much opportunity the child get to speak, their encouragement, etc. affects the child’s language development. Children from joint families learn language faster than children from nuclear family. The vocabulary of children of joint families is more than the vocabulary of children of nuclear families.

(vi) Economic status of the family

It has been seen that children from higher in­come group have a better language develop­ment. They get better environment, better opportunities, better school and teachers, so automatically their language development is good. They speak correctly and they have a rich vocabulary. They make sentences choos­ing better words.