What are the 13 important Fields of Psychology?


Psychology has expanded its scope in modern times. Within the discipline, several sub fields have emerged. Each sub field has its assumptions, theories, methods of inquiry, and applications. In many academic institutions, psychology constitutes one department, but psychologists differ in their interest, choice of the subjects, and the decree to which they are involved in the application of psychology in solving life’s problems. In order to know the wide interests of the psychologists, one needs to acquaint oneself with varied branches of psychology. Some of the contemporary fields of psychology are discussed below.

Fields of Psychology

1. Physiological and Comparative Psychology

2. Educational Psychology


3. Child and Developmental Psychology

4. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

5. Abnormal Psychology

6. Social Psychology


7. Cognitive Psychology

8. Health Psychology

9. Environmental Psychology

10. Sports Psychology


11. Counseling Psychology

12. Cross-Cultural Psychology

13. Community Psychology


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