Brief note on the meaning and importance of Educational Psychology


It is concerned with applying the general principles of psychology in educational settings with a purpose to improve the quality of the educational process and learner’s achievement. The educational psychologists are concerned more with the learning, memory, and motivational processes of the learner.

There is a felt need of attending to the needs of the students with different disabilities. Educational psychologists provide them special educational practices. They study teacher arid learner characteristics, the instructional climate in the school, issues of classroom management, effectiveness of different evaluation systems, and the individual differences among students.

The focus is on training teachers to address the educational needs of the students, creating a conducive educational climate, and counseling and guiding students for scholastic and career advancement. Evaluation of student performance is one of the major interests of educational psychologists. In the present system, education of children with special needs has become a prime concern of the educational and school psychologists.

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