What is the Price of Nokia Asha 306 in India?


The price of Nokia Asha 306 will be released soon.

The much anticipated release of the new Nokia mobile phone has finally arrived. The Nokia Asha 306 mobile phone boasts of its superior quality and advance features inherent to each Nokia design.

The Nokia Asha 306 is the first mobile phone that runs on the Nokia technology S40 OS that features full touch screen controls. Compatible with Quad band GSM networks, this mobile phone comes enabled with high speed WiFi connectivity.


The Nokia Asha 306 mobile phone comes with a built-in 3.2 megapixel camera which allows image and video capture. Other media sources available with the Nokia Asha 306 are Bluetooth connectivity and USB interface. It comes packed with a 3.5mm audio jack and an micro SD card slot capable of accommodating up to 32 GB guaranteed.

With top quality performance and cutting edge technology, the Nokia Asha 306 mobile phone can rival most Android phones that are out in the market today. This mobile phone with its much awaited release is a product worth watching for, for it lives by the Nokia promise of quality, superiority, and value for money.

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