What is the Price of LG T385 WiFi phone in India?


The price of LG T385 WiFi phone will be released soon.

Belonging to the mid-range category on pricing on WiFi phones, the LG T385 is designed to suit the need of the modern and busy lifestyle. Elegant and sleek in design this slim WiFi phone showcase a modern edge style with a comfortable grip allowing convenient portability along with its user friendly features.

The LG T385 showcases various features that are sought by users on WiFi phones. It is loaded with multi functionality allowing users enjoy the utmost WiFi experience. Some of these features include push email, JAVA support, multiple file format support, and secure data sharing.


The LG T385 has a built-in audio and video player which adds excitement to its functionality especially when played in its 3.2 multi-touch display using LG brilliant display technology.

The LG T385 WiFi phone is clad with cool metallic accents for its outer cover design. It sports a contoured battery cover allowing convenient and comfortable portability. Packed with features parallel to most WiFi phones out in the market today, the LG T385 will soon add to the list of preferred WiFi phones due to its quality and affordability.

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