The Price of LG 6300 in India is Rs. 4, 400/- (Four thousand and four hundred only.

The LG 6300 is a mini bar phone weighing 87g. The dimensions are 106 x x48MM x 14.7MM.

It is equipped with multiple technology features that insure a direct path to being in touch. The LG 6300 is enabled by possessing feature options like: Bluetooth with 2G Network Support while operating at frequencies of CDMA 800 Mhz.

This portable device has handy options that keep the communication flowing and capture valuable moments: coming equipped with a 2Megapixel camera w/ digital zoom, display of 5.1 com, TFT 262K colors, dual SIM and an alphanumeric keypad. The rechargeable battery will support a talk time up to 19 hours.


The phone is known as the first CDMA music phone from LG. This portable LG 6300 has a stereo FM radio with RDS and a MP3 player. The LG 6300 has speakers installed on opposite sides of the phone and a powerful 2.1 channel active sub-woofer; providing quality, surround sound capabilities-complementing the music sources. It is expandable, with a storage capacity of 4 gigabytes; and memory card slot. The standard cost of this portable device is marketable, but availability is not